Tony Baker

After a troubled childhood Tony ended up living on the streets from the age of 14 for two years before finding himself fortunate enough to be placed in a homeless shelter.  Being in the homeless shelter was a lifeline, but he always wanted more and so he said that if he ever found himself in a position to help others, he would.  This was then and is every more his passion now - to help others who are less fortunate.

At the age of 21, he met his amazing wife and his life totally turned around and he is now the father of four fantastic children. Living on benefits was not easy, but eventually he was able to start a career in the Care Industry working with the elderly, vulnerable and disabled.

In 2004 Tony started working at the York Road Homeless Shelter and soon moved up to become the Manager of Support Accommodation offering low and high support to their clients.  From 2012, they were able to direct some of the clients to do some voluntary work with Mark and Jackie Richmond at the Lighthouse Project.

When his wife died tragically in 2014, Tony felt that he needed a change in jobs, but still wanted to be working with the vulnerable, so he joined with Mark Richmond with Fresh Start.

Tony loves working with the guys, Mark & Jackie – it is such a reward to see how people change and gain confidence and self-worth in themselves, while working on one of the Fresh Start projects.