Mark Richmond

After leaving Fullbrook School Mark went straight into business working for a local estate agent. After seven years having worked for two independents and two corporates he started his own called Mark Richmond Estate and Letting Agents. This ran for thirteen years before he sold it in October 2007.


In that time Mark had travelled to Romania for three months working in a baby orphanage in 1990 and worked in South Africa taking teenagers from the UK to work in the townships. With Jackie, his wife, they also ran a teenage youth group for nine years.

In the summer of 2012, Mark and Jackie decided to work full time on a building called the Light House in Woking. Those who worked with them were the homeless, the lost plus many from the church community and those from local business. It took two years to complete the renovation of the 10,000 sq ft four storey building and the vast majority of the building materials came from recycled sources. In that time they saw over 500 people during the build. It is now a community centre in the heart of Woking.


After leaving in July 2014 after completion, they carried out twenty plus house renovations for the disadvantaged of Woking using the same work force. Those partnering were the York Road Homeless Project and Surrey Police.


In December 2015 they started their part of renovation of Brookwood Cemetery in Woking. It brought together the DWP, Woking Borough Council and their Community Interest Company (CIC), Barnabas FreshStart CIC. With considerable help from the long term unemployed of Woking and local businesses they have renovated a fair amount of the 230 acre site.

This is a testimonial. "Let your customers tell the world how great you are."